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Divorce Children

Divorce children will face many challenges in life as they adjust to an emotionally stressful change in the family life style. Parents should always keep in mind that as stressful as the situation might be for them, they must do their best to shield the children from that stress and let them know that they are loved and wanted. Decisions should be made with emphasis on the future well being of the child, not on the emotional moments that the parents are struggling with.

To that extent, it should always be the goal of the parents to act peacefully in front of the children. Attempts to seek unreasonable demands, vengeful acts, and even simple bickering are at the top of the list of behaviors to be avoided.

Do you need a Child Support Attorney?

Most things surrounding your divorce will be complicated, but not as complicated as your need to come to a fair and balanced child support agreement. Considering that support may need to endure for years to come, the support of a child support attorney may bring this part of the process to the best possible resolution. Likely, your divorce attorney will also serve as your child support attorney. However, in complicated cases that involve psychological examinations to determine worthiness to parent, accusations of neglect or abuse, or even an attempt to deny parental rights, be sensitive to the possible need to bring in a more specialized child support attorney.

Child Custody Evaluations in Divorce Proceedings

Decisions regarding custody of child and other parenting arrangements occur within different legal contexts, including parental divorce, guardianship, neglect, abuse proceedings, and termination of parental rights. As always, parties should strive to come to a pre agreed arrangement which can be presented to the court. Do not allow your lawyer or anyone else to pump you up as if this was the vital round of a prize fight. The integrity of the family and the best interests of the children are far too important to stoop to that. And remember that, as in many divorce issues, if the parties cannot decide then the judge will.

Child support payments are an important part of this decision, of course. They must be played out within the overall financial status of each party after property and assets are divided. Their importance is at least as great as that of determining alimony.

Relocation of one or both parties must also be taken into account. A large geographical separation between the parents makes it harder and harder for both to have meaningful contact with the children. This should be an important consideration for both parents.

Child Custody Evaluations

Psychological examinations of the parties may in some cases be called for. The guidelines used for these examinations are not intended to be mandatory or exhaustive. The goal of the guidelines is to promote proficiency in using psychological expertise in conducting child custody evaluations.

The structure of such evaluation, if conducted goes as follows.

  • Purpose of the evaluation is to assess the best psychological interests of the child.
  • The child's interests and well-being are paramount in the deciding factors of the evaluation.
  • The focal point of the evaluation is on parenting capacity, the psychological and developmental needs of the child, and the best fit.

All decisions made and conclusions reached in the handling of issues related to the custody of the child and future care for that child will have far reaching effects. All should be considered carefully to give the best possible chance in life to divorce children.

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