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BEWARE of Other Multiple Submit Web Sites

Beware of other multiple submit web sites. Many referral services for consumers looking to gain information about refinancing will over deliver your information to too many lenders resulting in a bombardment of phone calls and e-mails. Many services are friendly and helpful, but far too many provide little information and disregard educating the consumer and protecting their privacy.

Many consumers understand the value of shopping around for something as important as a home mortgage. If you submit your information through an online web site that does not make it clear enough your information will go to 2 or more lenders, you may end up submitting more than one form to more than one referral site increasing the number of mortgage lenders that have your information and subsequently calling or e-mailing you. If you submit your information to 3 web sites that each deliver your information to 3 lenders, that equals 9 lenders contacting you. OK, not so bad, but if just one of the referral services decides to send your information to 5 or even 8 lenders you are now faced with up to 14 lenders competing to refinance your home!

Real-Estate-Yogi.com recomends you fill out only one form through our free service where there are no gimicks or obligations to do business with any professional we refer you to. After you submit your form wait up to seven days to see how many mortgage lenders contact you. If at that time you feel you still want more help or information contact us directly by phone or e-mail so we can put you in touch with a professional we feel can help you with your unique situation. Keep in mind that many lenders are members of several referral services and submitting several forms may not only result in too many calls, but too many calls from the same mortgage companies.

We are prepared to be your one stop smart shopping source for all of your refinancing needs. Real-Estate-Yogi.com protects the information you provide us with on your questionnaire. Unlike other web sites that may over-submit your information to lenders not tailored to your specific needs, your privacy and satisfaction with our service is our top priority. Your information will never be over delivered, and we are always available to guarantee the lenders who contact you are helpful and professional. We will assist you in a consumer friendly manner with any questions you might have, at any time. Help us provide the best service possible, and avoid being bombarded with confusing contacts resulting from multiple submissions on other web sites.

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