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Divorce and Real Estate

Here you will find practical information about real estate and divorce, assets and community property to be divvied up along with the marital property. You can also chose to be introduced to a local divorce lawyer based on the zip code you reside in for a free initial consultation to discuss any aspect of divorce.

Further along in this article we will be reviewing:

  • Dividing Joint Property Real estate in a Divorce Settlement
  • History of Community Property in Divorce
  • Property Held as Tenants in Common
  • Preparing supporting information as determining factors

In addition to the division of property during divorce it is important to consider the benefits of having a third party that will keep your information in confidence, to arbitrate your divorce and separation. When determining property ownership in divorce hurt feelings are brought to the forefront and tempers can flare. Having counsel that is not emotionally involved and familiar with your legal concerns can mean the difference between a fair and balanced separation agreement and an unfair one. In some circles it would be recommended to get the advice of a divorce attorney in the earliest stages to help you determine your rights, your responsibilities, your intentions and when best to disclose your intentions.

Dividing Joint Property Real Estate in a Divorce Settlement

Divorce and Real Estate Property Held as Tenants in Common

Preparing Supporting Information as Determining Factors