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What to do when faced with Foreclosure

Save your home from foreclosure

Stop Foreclosure

Regardless of Credit Score or Lack of Equity

Can I Refinance?

It is possible to refinance while faced with foreclosure but many times it is not an option. An equity profile will tell you weather or not you can refinance your home. If you realize that you are definately not a candidate for refinancing there is still hope.

I Can't Refinance, What Now?

There is hope, more hope than you may imagine. A huge amount of 'bad loans' handed out to unsuspecting consumers combined with the economy has created a foreclosure rate like never before.Very quickly, industry leaders figured it out that it was in everyone's best interest, including the lender, to provide a solution to the national mortgage default problem. Nationwide lenders and government allowances provided us with a solution.

You will NOT have to Pay Back

  • Huge Fees
  • Forbearance Penaties
  • Multiple Late Mortgage Payments

You will be able to:

  • Save the Home
  • Reduce Your Monthly Payments
  • Start Fresh with a Clean Slate
  • Regardless of Equity and Credit Rating

We have a select group of foreclosure experts willing to provide a free consultation to explain how you can avoid foreclosure and save your home. In fact with this special program you will save hundred's of dollars per month while your overdue payments are completley eliminated. Complete the form on this page and your information will be processed immediately by our network of bankers and delinquency/score specialists.