Mortgage Options for Veterans and Military Service Members

The Mortgage Needs of Veterans and Military Service Members

The Veterans and military service members have special needs when it comes to mortgages. We can’t leave the National Guard and other Reserve members out of the equation here either. These brave men and women deserve the benefits that accompany military mortgage loans as well as VA mortgage programs. .

Benefits of Veterans Mortgage

For those who qualify for a Veterans mortgage there are many benefits. Some of the most common benefits (and those probably of most importance to potential buyers) include the following:

  • Ability to refinance in order to obtain your equity in cash
  • Usually no down payment (this may change if the purchase price is higher than the appraised value)
  • There is no requirement for MIP insurance
  • Mortgage is assumable
  • No prepayment penalty
  • Assistance from the VA in cases of default as the result of temporary financial difficulty

For more information on Veteran mortgage loans or how to obtain a military mortgage visit the website at and browse through the wealth of information that is available. The company has many experts that can help you with any questions you may have. You only need to fill out the online form to receive a call back from an expert in Veterans and Military mortgages.

Qualifying for a Mortgage through the VA

  • Active Duty personnel qualify for mortgages for military personnel after they have served continuously for a minimum of ninety days
  • The eligibility of prior service personnel depends whether their service was during wartime or peacetime.
    • Wartime service personnel must have served a minimum of ninety days active duty. They must have received an honorable or other discharge other than dishonorable. Those who served less than ninety days may qualify if they have a service connected disability.
    • Peacetime service personnel must have served a minimum of 181 days of continuous active duty and cannot have a dishonorable discharge. Those who served less than 181 days may qualify if they were discharged because of a service connected disability.
  • Veterans who served between September 7, 1980 and August 1, 1990 must have served for 24 continuous months or at least 181 days during which the veteran was ordered into active duty. The veteran must not have been dishonorably discharged.

Why to Choose Real-Estate-Yogi for Veterans and Military Mortgage

Why should you choose Real-Estate-Yogi for your VA mortgage? Real-Estate-Yogi has a great deal of experience working with both veterans and active military personnel who are seeking a VA mortgage loan. This combination of experience and efficient customer service makes us the type of company that can make you feel at ease even though you are nervous about finding mortgage help for veterans.

Some of the reasons you may wish to work with Real-Estate-Yogi to find a Veterans’ mortgage company are listed below.

  • Simplified Process
  • Anyone who has ever applied for a Veterans’ home mortgage knows the process is quite long and complicated. At Real-Estate-Yogi, we try to simplify the process for our clients by taking care of all the paperwork for each client. This leaves the clients free to go about their lives and prepare for loan closing.

  • Experience in the Mortgage Process
  • The financial experts at Real-Estate-Yogi know how the VA home loan mortgage process works and can help clients through the process. All clients can be sure they will receive the most of their benefit and the advantages it offers.

  • Shortened Time from Application to Closing
  • When there are people right there to help you through the process, it easy to obtain approval for a Veterans’ Affairs mortgage quicker. Obtaining a quicker approval means you can close on the loan and take possession of your new home quicker.

  • Reputable and Experienced Consultants
  • The most important reason to choose Real-Estate-Yogi for your VA mortgage is because you can be assured of working with reputable and experienced consultants. You don’t have to worry about receiving inaccurate or incorrect information or finding out you wasted your time on a company that has a poor reputation.


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