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Selling Your Home: The Transition of 'Home' to 'House'

In the process of selling your home, you must transition its makeup from ‘home’ to ‘house’. The personalized ‘feel’ of the home has to suit the best requirements for an easy sale. We realize that fixing your home for the market will seem a bit unfair, but it is necessary for your realtor to present your home in its finest condition.

De-personalize Your Space

Remove pictures, extra accessories, certain rugs, and other personal touches you have placed within the home. The ‘house’ needs a welcoming tone without the extra touch it was had. The interior depersonalization of your home can allow prospective buyers to 'imagine' their living within the space. As hard as it may seem, you must let go.

Here are a few tips in organizing your home for a fast sale:

  • Place unnecessary materials in storage before the real estate agent brings prospects into the home.

  • Remove all pictures of your family, dog, and others so the owners do not feel they are intruding.

  • Hire contract workers to complete yard work, cleaning, and other essentials before selling your home.

Hire A Transition Specialist

The transition specialist will complete the overall design of your home. He or she has perfected the 'selling principles' of depersonalizing homes for sellers. An opinion of a transition specialist can optimized the value you perceive of your home. Transition specialists will introduce you to new insights regarding your home.

Contract Workers

Gardners, cleaners, and painters can help you transform your home into a house. With the right workers, your home will stand out during the selling process. Keep the contractors informed of the transition specialist recommendations before making drastic changes. The alignment of the transition specialist's ideas with the work of your contractors can save you money while enhancing the presence of your home on the market.